The Scarecrow

A few days ago, a friend from Spain sent me the link to the short animated film above. We were flat mates for about 8 months, and during this time, we had many conversations about recipes, dieting, and food policy. It didn’t take me very long to realize just how much the food landscape in America differs from that of Spain (and Europe in general). The large factory farms that plague the food system in the United States are virtually nonexistent in Spain. I also found that quality fruits, vegetables, and meats-free from pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics-were more accessible and affordable in Europe than they were in the U.S. The short film, entitled The Scarecrow, tackles issues of food technology and processing as well as animal treatment. I was surprised I hadn’t come across it earlier since it’s been released for almost two years, but better later than never right? If you haven’t already seen the film, I hope you enjoy it.

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